PAX Approach.

Pax originally means peace, but in the commercial sense, pax is used as a term for a human being – it is precisely the human being who is in focus when we draw. Drawing for and to people requires presence and empathy, which are to a large extent qualities that characterize our projects. 

The place is an essential part of our projects. We believe that the right understanding of the place, of the function and the user creates successful projects. In the search for the place’s special quality, we find the answer to the project’s nerve that strengthens, connects and transforms the place into a space for the future.

The location and the connection played a crucial role when, in 2020, we won two parallel competitions for the supply of construction site B and construction site C on Aarhus Ø. The understanding of the site’s scale and historical qualities drew a new profile on Aarhus Ø, which architecturally ensures coherence with the historic city and the transformed port areas on Aarhus Ø.

Skagen Klitgård_PAX_compressed


PAX architects was founded in 2020 and is owned and operated by the three partners Thomas Bossel, Mathias Brockdorff and Mads Rudi Lassen. All partners have a long history together through previous joint employment with Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects. Their experiences range from the development of architectural competitions, design strategies, and design development as well as the execution of won competitions.

Good design must be able to surprise
and add an extra dimension to the project
for the benefit of the users.