Photo: PAX Architects


“This Modernist Wooden Beach House Is Perched on the Northern Tip of the Danish Coast”.

Skagen, the northernmost town in Denmark, sits on a long peninsula flanked by beaches that jut out between two seas. Standing at its tip, one can watch waves from the Kattegat marine area crash into waters from the North Sea. The home is an ideal place for the Family to come together. As for its exterior, the painted walls and thatched roof are a celebration of the so-called black period of 1870s Skagen, during which charred timbers from the many nearby shipwrecks were repurposed to construct homes.

Typology / Private residence
Location / Barbados
Year / 2022-
Status / On-going 
Size / 400 m²
Client / Private
Collaborators / N/A
Design team / N/A


Architecture and Nature

On warm days, life easily flows out to the terrace. The beach is just a short walk away, and the surrounding land is part of a protected nature reserve

"The smell, the sound and the feeling of the wood goes hand-in-hand with our vision for this design as being a part of nature."


“The quality of a project and the right use of materials is key in making great and long-lasting architecture.”

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