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“Back to the future”.

We want to create a modern sustainable village in a common master plan there creates coherence throughout the area! A place that exudes all the best from the historic village. A place where residents live in harmony with nature – and each other – and at the same time with the big city right in the backyard. A place, where you get involved with each other and where there is room for both individual and the unifying communities. 

The Eco Valley is based on the understanding that the way we build today, has a huge impact on humans as well as the planet. The project will show a new way of thinking – a way that is centered around to build a better living environment that benefits both people and the environment. We imagine a village community with an understanding that all phases of the development must be considered to create a regenerative way of living on for the many. A new way of thinking to design a better housing and social environment with local roots and global impact, and how sustainable housing development can be combined with ambitious architectural policy and green initiatives, increased biodiversity, and ideas circular resources in suburban and urban areas. And as a by-product, create healthy and socially connected village neighbourhoods.

A bare agricultural field as well as a green valley at Kildedal Nord, is desired transformed into the village community of the future! The homes are organized in polycentric clusters – smaller communities that put the environment, biodiversity and sharing resources in the forefront. This is bound together by a central nerve of recreational, cultural, and institutional functions that actively create engagement and involvement for the residents in and around “Økodalen”. We create a clear alternative to the traditional detached and terraced housing estates, which is still the predominant form of housing in Denmark outside the big cities.

Typology / Housing
Location / Kildedal
Year / 2022
Status / Competition 3rd. Prize 
Size / 900.000 m²
Client / Private
Collaborators / N/A
Design team / N/A

Kildedal Nord_Lanternen_PAX
Kildedal Nord_AXO_Katalyst_PAX

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