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A place that is diverse in its architecture as well as in its composition of residents”.

Olufs Have represents a diverse sustainable community with focus on shared facilities rather than enclosed gardens. Its Architecture is as expressive as its composition of residents, and the layout of the plan ensures a diverse housing community with double houses, row houses, student apartments, collectives and tiny houses – all of which have a close connection with nature. The layout of the parking and general infrastructure creates car-free common spaces to ensure a safe outdoor environment with focus on people rather than cars. Common facilities such as a local community house, common green houses, shelters, nature playgrounds, and outdoor recreational spaces fosters our visions of sharing rather than owning an individual plot. 



Typology / Housing
Location / Ulbølle, Fyn
Year / 2022-
Status / On-going (local planning) 
Size / 6950 m²
Client / Private
Collaborators / N/A
Design team / N/A

The individual buildings has compact footprints which ensures large outdoor common areas as well as spaces for shared facilities

Olufs Have has a focus on shared common outdoor spaces rather than private gardens – a place that is diverse in its architecture as well as in its composition of residents

Olufs Have empowers social values, by creating a people centered framework for families and communities. A place where people become part of a shared local community – reconnecting with nature

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